November 8, 2017

The Easy Guide to a Ritual Bath For The Modern-Day Witch

Ritual Bath

Have you ever felt like you are kind of in a funk? Like things just weren't feeling right? 

You work out, you eat right, and take your vitamins. But no matter what you feel like if you are missing something. Trust me you're not the only one I was there myself. To be honest, what really works for me is doing a calming ritual bath. Now, what is a ritual bath In modern-day time?

It's not for physically washing your body but rather for affecting change in your life by being immersed in waters that are infused with a purpose. It can be used to cleanse yourself of negative energy or re-energize your body and spirit.

But ritual baths have been used since ancient times to cleanse people of evil spirits, illnesses, and a myriad of other reasons. It's been used by countless different cultures and spiritual paths. But you don't have to be a witch or practice metaphysical beliefs, you just have to have the right mindset and relax.

First things first the benefits: 

1. Increases your level of relaxation and decreases stress from day-to-day life.

2. Removes negative energy that has been given to you whether consciously or subconsciously by someone.

3. Increases your spiritual and psychic awareness. 

4. Prepares your mind, body, and soul to conduct rituals

All right! Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

What is the purpose? 

Do you want to do this to cleanse yourself of negative energy that you've collected? Or do you want to get rid of the funk of an ex-boyfriend that you might still be holding on to? 

Figure it out and then you can decide what is your next plan of action.

Have a clean tub!

There's nothing like taking a beautiful spiritual Instagram-worthy bath with soap scum coming to the surface of your water…..Gross

Now, this might be a given for some of you but others maybe not, and that is, clean your tub. Who wants to get into a bath when the tub is not clean. 

Scrub it, make sure that it is nice and clean. You don't want it to be dirty whatsoever. If not you can easily get an infection especially if you have a cut on your body.

Take a shower first!

There's nothing like taking a nice lovely bath in your own dirty juices. Do you want to get a UTI? No, then take a bath!

Plus in some cultures when they are going to do ritual baths they normally take a shower first. Remember hygiene first.

Select your ingredients

Depending on what the purpose of your ritual bath is for, you should select the herbs that you feel are necessary for your goal.

For instance, if your goal is to seek self-love then you can use rows and lavender. Just choose what suits your needs but remember not to overdo it. Basically a little goes a long way. 

I also suggest that you use a drawstring bag of some, a Muslim is great if you can find one or something like it.

The reason for this is you don't want a bunch of loose herbs and plant material all in your bathtub. Specifically, If you don't want it to clog up your bathtub or go up a certain body part. 

The only time that I would recommend having loose herb in the tub would be if it is a large piece such as a large leaf or rose petal.

Last but definitely not least. Make sure that whatever it is that you're using is safe to use against the skin. There are some herbs that yes magically can achieve the goal that you want but can cause irritation and can even maybe poison you. 

So please be careful and do your research.

Another thing that should be added but is not necessary is bath salts. They are really great for the body, it helps improve hydration Decrease inflammation and other health benefits. 

Plus it helps cleanse a lot of negativity and unnecessary energies. Specifically, if you are preparing for a very important ritual.

You can also use bath oils if you want it to be very fragrant obviously pick the oil that suits your goal or purpose.

I recommend Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews for a variety of recipes for ritual baths and other things

Now we come to the ambiance!

Now the aesthetic of what your back looks like is very important because it puts you in the right mindset to conduct the magical Act that is taking a bath.

One of the things that you could do is add music candles incense. Not all of these things could have a deeper meaning related to the goal or intention that you want to achieve.

So again if your intention is self-love maybe you want to burn some Rose incense, pink candles, crystals, and or have music that's inspiring about loving yourself and giving yourself the respect that it means Etc.

It's a fun part of a ritual bath because you get to be creative with the whole process. 

Now know that at no point do you need to have all these things or more to reach your goal but it definitely helps put you in the right mood.

Taking your bath

Now during the actual bath itself, it's recommended that you immerse yourself completely so head and hair going under. But to be honest I don't necessarily do that.

You can just grab some of it with your hand and trickle it onto the top of your head. It acts the same way and you don't have to go under if you are not comfortable.

At this time just relax and take it easy. Feel the energy of the herbs end or other ingredients that you're using and them working on your body and your spiritual body.

This is an excellent moment to meditate or visualize what you want to achieve. You can also chant or say prayers that are geared to achieve your goal.

This is a chant I use in case I feel sick or want to get rid of some negative energy that makes me feel bad whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

"The sickness is flowing out of me, Into the water, down to the sea."

Or just relax and don't stress it. Because you've already done all the work by putting everything together. 

This is the part where overthinking and stressing over if you put in the right amount of herbs or if you use too much or too little bath salts, can really block the energy that you are trying to either remove or get your body ready.    


What most people ask at this point is how long do I need to do my ritual bath? The answer to that is however long you'd like. You can stay in the bath until the water gets cold or until your fingers get wrinkly.

It's really up to you, just as long as you feel that you have accomplished your goal for the back, that's what's important.

Once you decide it's time for you to get out of the bath, you could air dry if you like. In certain cultures, they insist that you air-dry the Bathwater off your skin and not towel dry. But to be honest depending on what climate that you live in that might not be physically healthy.

Once you figure out which method you're going to use, start putting away all of your things. Such as crystals candles or any other thing that you use that doesn't belong in your bath.

At that point, you’re basically done. Now you can just go about your day and do whatever it was that you were planning to do afterward whether it be a ritual or go to work or stay at home and read a book and it's up to you.

Final Message

A ritual bath has a lot of power to help rejuvenate anything and anyone, but just like with anything in witchcraft it's all about being creative and unique. 

So even though I have given you the basic steps to conducting a ritual bath it's still open to your interpretation and desires. So please be creative make it your own and flourish as a witch.

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