December 4, 2021

Top 10 Best Yule Gifts for a Witch

Top 10 Yule Gifts for a Witch 

It's that time of year where we give gifts to the people that we love for Christmas or Yule. But what if you're not a Witch or Pagan but you have to give a gift to one? 

That could be a little bit tough if you don't know what to even begin to consider as a gift. Well, that's where this blog post comes into play. 

Here you will find 10 of the most awesome gifts that you can give your witch or Pagan love one under 50 dollars. 

One of the best things about this is that you can get all of these from the comfort of your home. So what does that mean? Shopping in your pajamas! I mean who doesn't love that, I do! 

So relax, grab some wine, put on your favorite holiday movie, and know that you do not have to go drive in traffic and spend 20 minutes to find one very tight parking space just to do some holiday shopping.

1.  A Witchy Mug $15.95-$24.70

Witchy Mug

Now, this is perfect for a tea and coffee drinking witch like myself. This is awesome for a witch because it looks like you're brewing a potion and drinking it. 

Let's be honest having your coffee or tea in the morning is what sets you right. You go from Wicked Witch to Good Witch.

My Picks

Witches Brew Cauldron Mug By Something Different

Halloween Fall Autumn Season Enamel Campfire Mug By Loftipop

Midnight Coffee Large Mug in Gift Box By Rogue + Wolf

Witch Coffee Mug By Joyful+Moose

2. Crystals, Crystals, and oh I almost forgot Crystals $9.99-$29.99

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Crystals

Crystals are beyond beautiful and a lot of us witches and pagans adore them. Dare I say obsessed with them! They come in all shapes sizes and colors. 

There are crystals for attracting Love, Money, health, and everything in between. So this is great for anyone that you may know even if they're not witches.

My Picks

Crystals for Witchcraft in Mini Clear Bottles By CraftMystic

Chakra Natural Heart Healing By YATOJUZI

Crystals and Healing Stones, Crystal Tree By PYOR

15 Pcs Moon Shape Crystal By AMOYSTONE

3. Witchy Home Decor$11.50-$42.99

Witchy Livingroom

Now let's be honest with each other in the last couple of years there has been this like influx of witchy home decor. Or at least something that makes it look all metaphysical and cute. 

Like Crescent Moon wall shelves or beautiful wall tapestries. I mean the list goes on and on. Anything can look metaphysical and would if you know how to decorate it right. But who has the time for all that?

Here's a selection of beautiful home decor that has a witchy flare to it.

My Picks

4. Fun Witchy Clothing and Accessories $6.99-$ 39.99

Witchy Clothing

Yeah, there's a stereotypical all-black golf outfit that most witches are familiar with. But to be honest, nowadays it's really diverse. 

But the one thing that stays Perpetual is the witch hat chokers and a cute t-shirt that says it all.

My Picks

5. Tarot Cards $17.46-$24.59

The Druidcraft Tarot

A witch worth her salt knows how to read tarot or at least has a general idea of what it is. So this would be a perfect gift for a Witch. Especially because there are so many varieties and themes like Monopoly. 

For instance, if your friend is really into Manga guess what there's a Manga tarot card deck and the list goes on and on. Here's a list of different tarot cards that are beautiful and would be great for a witch.

My Picks

6. Cool Pagan/Witchy Jewelry $14.99-$24.99

Crescent Moon jewelry

Who wouldn't want a beautiful sometimes handcrafted piece of jewelry? That empowers you and makes you feel beautiful. 

Made out of beautiful silver or gold with semi-precious stones attached.
With carved symbols of ancient deities and powerful wisdom. 

The difference between this type of jewelry
and other pieces is that it has a powerful meaning behind it. Whether emotionally, mystically, or both.

My Picks

7. Planners and Bullet Journals $17.95-$32.95

Bulletin Journal

A witch just like any other person needs to plan out their week there month their year. The thing about this particular lifestyle is that we also like to document moon phases or know when the next Mercury retrograde is going to be. 

And let's face it nobody likes Mercury retrograde. 
On top of that being creative and crafty is a witchy Hobby. 

So a planner and or a bulletin Journal accommodates all three of those necessities. We can plan out our days, know what moon phase it is, and satisfy our creative crafting desires.

My Picks

8. Wichy kits $7.99-$43.95

Witchcraft Supplies Box
This has to be one of the best things to give a newbie witch. The reason is that it can be a little bit overwhelming at first to start practicing witchcraft because you feel like you have to have a bunch of things. 

Especially now with social media making everything look pretty and glamorous. Thanks a lot, Instagram! I'm looking at you Tik Tok! 

So a witch kit can be your one-stop-shop that can give a newbie witch an awesome head start. They occasionally come with incense, herbs, candles, and oils. 

The expensive ones come in elegant boxes with tools like a wand, a chalice, and sometimes even a ritual knife.

My Picks

9. Witchy books $13.49-$20.93

Witchcraft Books
Now yes, nowadays there are a lot of YouTube videos and websites that teach you how to be a witch. But there's nothing like a good book that gives you in-depth detail about spells, rituals, and spirituality when it comes to witchcraft.  

Specifically, if you practice one of the many Pagan Traditions or religions that are connected with Witchcraft. Such as Wicca, Norse paganism to name a few. Now before you go off and buy the latest witchcraft book to come out. Find out what your person in question likes or practices the most. 

So if they are a Norse Pagan they might not want you to buy them the beginner's guide to Wicca. Trust me you do not want to be that person that shows up with the Fluffy Bunny book to somebody that has been practicing witchcraft for 20 + years.

My Picks

10. Gift Card in a Greeting Card $25.00-$50.00

I know what you're thinking what is this have to do with witchcraft.? How is this an appropriate gift for a witch? Well, the answer to that is it isn't there's no connection to witchcraft. 

But if all else fails and you just can't figure out what to give your person it's better to show up with something than nothing. So for emergency purposes, I suggest a gift card. That way you don't end up empty-handed and they still can purchase something that they like and want. 

Will you be their hero for the holiday season? No, but at least you're giving them something. Hey if they appreciate it enough you might get a kiss on the cheek, instead of a hex.

My Picks

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