December 11, 2021

Book Review: My Dragon Daddy By Roxie Ray

Her Dragon Daddy
My Dragon Daddy 

 Her Dragon Daddy
Author: Roxie Ray
Release Date: March 26, 2020
Publisher: self-publish
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Second Chance Romance
Pages: 140
Amazon: Kindle Audible

Roxie Ray brings us a hot new novel of Second Chances and wild sexy dragons shifter! Ava has decided to move back into her grandmother's old home in the town of black claw after a messy divorce with her two kids. 

After Ava and her family have settled into their new home she bumps into her first love who happens to be the father of her 17-year-old son. Maverick Kingston is the Deputy of black claw and he wants nothing more than to win back his first love. 

But when he discovers that he is the father of her seventeen-year-old son he realizes that he has more to lose if he doesn't get her back.  Ava isn't the only one who's kept secrets Maverick has secrets of his own. Will love conquer all or will a deep dark secret keep them from a happy ever after? 


I wish the author had gone into more detail about the emotional baggage that the main female character had gone through. The issues between the two main characters were resolved fairly quickly and with not much fuss. I feel the author had an opportunity to really explore the emotional depth that Ava was feeling over what happened. The sex scene wasn't as graphic as I'm used to in paranormal romances. You still felt the intensity and the sexual satisfaction from it but again I feel the author was holding back. It was good but it could have been better. 

I really loved the wonderful relationship that Ava has with both her children in the book. I love how Maddox her son is so protective of his mother. Haley Ava's daughter is so innocent and cute but at the same time extremely intelligent and wise before her years. The description of Maverick's dragon is just beautiful. I mean how cool is it that his scales are black but they become iridescent when light hits it. The relationship between Ava and Maverick is very wonderful. 

I enjoy how they try to make it work between them after everything and how remorseful he is over what happened years ago. You can really tell that he truly loves her and that just made me love his character. The interaction between Maverick and his Alpha dragon is just adorable. Also, his dragon is supposed to be this tough Alpha dragon but he is a puppy when he's around Ava. I mean how cute is that. 

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. The plot is very simple and easy to follow but because of that, you don't really get a lot of intrigues. But the background story of the dragons and their mythology is very interesting, plus the character's backstory is well written. To be honest, all you really needed was that to really make the story stand out and entertaining. The story as a whole is really good and because of that, I am definitely going to continue reading the rest of the series. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone who really needs a quick paranormal Romance, to satisfy their addiction. but not for somebody who really needs an in-depth fictional world.

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