October 18, 2017

The Beginner's Guide to Dumb Supper and Apple Offering

Hey, guys! I hope that everyone is excited for Samhain/Halloween! It happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. So I really wanted this ritual to stand out! 

For almost a whole day I looked through all of my spellbooks but nothing stood out. Except for this very simple but gratifying and to the point ritual that I modified to my liking a couple years ago.

Now before we start talking about how to conduct this ritual, first things first. You need to learn about this particular holiday. Samhain or Halloween comes from the Celtic tradition in which this time of year we honor our deceased loved ones. 

The veil that separates the living and the dead is very thin. So it's easier to communicate with the dead and your beloved ones that have passed on the other side.

That said my dad passed away over 5 years ago, this is the time of the year when I am most close to him and feel his presence often than not. So it is like a family reunion than a holiday of trick or treating and dressing up. Don't get me wrong that's a lot of fun.

Now, this spell is very simple and perfect for the season that we are in.... I like to call it "Halloween Apples" now I know what you're thinking another Apple spell... Yeah, they're convenient and they're perfect, besides pumpkins to use for the season..... Alright, you guys can use pumpkins if you like but they make a bigger mess, so get the little one. you are forewarned.

But Frist Dumb Supper

A dumb supper it's pretty much-having dinner with deceased loved ones. This can be family, friends, and anyone that you ever cared for that is no longer here. It is a simple and personal way of honoring the dead. Traditionally dumb suppers are held in total silence but I prefer not to follow that tradition. I find it to be rude not to speak to or of your loved one.

So here's how you do a simple dumb supper.

1. Set Up Your Table
Set up your table for however number of living guest you may have as if you were having a dinner party, cuz that's pretty much what it is. At the head of your table is where your deceased loved ones will be represented. Set up a plate and have a chair for them. Just one space is enough and no one is to sit in this chair or eat from this plate during the Dumb Supper. Place their fair share of food that they all enjoyed in life.

2. Have Your Spirit Alter Ready
Off to the side, you can have a small table decorated as a spirit altar (pictures and/or items that represent your deceased loved ones, candles, incense) guest are more than encouraged to bring

pictures or representations of their deceased loved ones.

3. Tell Old Stories
When the dinner starts you and guests are encouraged to speak of and/or to their deceased loved ones (so then they don't feel left out.) Tell old stories, reminisce about when they were alive but most of all make them feel at home.

4. End of Supper
When the meal is over and the tables are cleaned let the plate for the loved ones on the spirit altar. Then the next morning take the plate and leave it outside somewhere that animals and wildlife can devour the food.

Now for the Apple. 

This is for those of us who feel charitable and wish to give to those that don't have.

1. The Witching Hour
At midnight each guest takes an apple and walks outside to where there is a crossroad. At that point place or dig a hole big enough to place the apple inside and say a prayer. By doing this you are honoring and feeding spirits who don't have any descendants to honor them during this time of year.

2. Cleanse Yourself
When saying the prayer make sure that you only speak to good spirits. Lates but not least, make sure that you sage or sprinkler yourself with Florida water to remove any unwanted energies negative or positive.

That's it, guys! This is simple yet can become more complicated if you wish, simply by adding a ritual to honor the people that we love and cherish. Or you can just keep it as is.

I would love to hear what you guys are going to do or you have done. So leave your experiences in the comment section!

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