October 6, 2021

Book Review: Beauty & the Beast: Vendetta ( Beauty & The Beast series #1) By Nancy Holder

Beauty & the Beast: Vendetta (Beauty & the Beast Series #1)
Author: Nancy Holder
Release Date: November 25, 2014 
Published by: Titan Books
Genre: Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance
Pages: 304
Amazon: Kindle Paperback

New York falls under Darkness as the power goes out. NYPD detective Catherine Chandler (Beauty) and Tess Vargas are on the case of a missing boy named Angelo DeMarco. Who happens to be the son of one of New York's most high-powered families. 

But Angelo isn't the only one that's missing. Catherine's father gets broken out of jail and all fingers point to Catherine. Vincent Keller (the Beast) is on the run for murder. 

He puts his Beast abilities to the test to find Catherine's father and dodge the police. They will find themselves in a tangle of webs where they have to face their past and put their love to the test. 


To begin with there are a lot of different plots here. The story felt as though multiple angles were hard to follow. I feel like there weren't enough Catherine and Vincent moments in the story. We don't get enough alone time with them and the chemistry was kind of lacking. Also if you didn't watch the show you might not get some of the nuances of some of the characters and what they do. I also noticed that the author may have never seen the show and just got a synopsis of what the show was about. 

The reason I say this is because she wrote that Vincent actually loved his deceased ex-girlfriend Tori. Which if you've watched the show you know that is not the case. He never loved her, he felt sorry for her and she needed guidance. Yes, the other reason was that the pheromones that she would produce attracted him, and he also wanted to get back at Catherine for shooting him. 

Then you have Gabe's Side Story I guess you could call it that. It makes no sense because what happens in the book doesn't translate or travels over to the TV show. So it's completely useless. Last but not least the love scene is very dull. I was kind of hoping for something a little bit more scandalous, considering it was a book. 

Obviously, you get your beauty and the beast addiction fulfilled. Considering that the show has been canceled for several years now. There are some really cute scenes with JT and Tess that I really enjoyed. Particularly because you don't see them having these moments as much on the show as I would have liked. 

Even though there aren't that many romantic scenes with cat and Vincent, they are nice when you do get them. They're not as great as I'd like them to be or as epic as I would imagine them to be but they're still nice. Once you get the hang of what's really going on and who's who in the book it actually starts getting good plot-wise. I will say if the book was not connected to a TV show and had been just something that the author created, completely original the book would have been much better

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. The only reason I'm giving this book a score of 3 is first the plot is all over the place. So I had a hard time getting into the story itself and two Vincent never love Tori. Since it's a book, I expected more scenes that you wouldn't have or couldn't have in a TV show. Such as a more intense and or detailed love scene.

I recommend this book if you love science fiction, romance, and classic fairy tale retelling. The best thing is that it is a quick read and it's standalone. So you don't have to read the other two books to get the full story.

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